Zadania CSMI WUM w aspekcie wsparcia badań naukowych i prac rozwojowych oraz organizacja edukacji podyplomowej dla lekarzy i kadry medycznej

2 grudnia, 2020 10:30:00

dr Marcin Łasiński

Centrum Symulacji Medycznych i Innowacji Warszawskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego, Warszawa, CSM WUM w Warszawie

Streszczenie pracy:

The profile of Centre for Medical Simulation and Innovation of Medical University of Warsaw (CSMI WUM), and also the information on realized project in the scope of Fast Track, The National Centre for Research and Development and National Science Centre will be presented. We will talk about our competencies in this field and about example projects which we are involved in. During the presentation we will present you the area of our activity and try to find common points with your needs. Also, we will present the topics of our courses for physicians and our plans for courses using animal models.
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