27. Science Festival  in the Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition Polish Academy of Sciences

On September 15-29, 2023 the 27. Science Festival will take place. Scientists from our Institute are also taking part in this event. The topics of lectures and festival lessons are available at the official Festival website.

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II Polish Scientific Conference ‘Food and nutrition in a nutshell’ on Medical University of Gdańsk.

The conference was organized by the Department of Bromatology and the Student Scientific Society of Medical University of Gdańsk. PhD DSc ing Małgorzata Białek and MSc Wiktoria Wojtak from our Institute has presented the results of team studies and were awarded:
• MSc Wiktoria Wojtak with team
   – III place in the Session 4 for
      a  communication: 
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PhD DSc ing. Małgorzata Białek with team
   – honourable mention in the Session A
     for a poster:                    see more

Scientific Symposjum “Animal Sciences in Breeding Practice and Biomedical Research

On December 5, the 1st Scientific Symposium ‘Animal Science in Breeding Practice and Biomedical Research’ was  held in Warsaw, inaugurating a series of symposia. The organizers of the symposium were young scientists from our Institute and  the Institute of Animal Sciences of the Warsaw Uniersity of Life Sciences (SGGW).

I Scientific Symposium
   – Report:                   see more »
   – Book of abstracts:  see more » 
II Scientific Symposium
   – Report:                   see more »
   – Book of abstracts:  see more »

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