Animal Welfare Team

Animal Welfare Team

Leader: Prof. PhD DSc Tomasz Misztal

Vice leader: PhD DSc Anna Antuszewicz, professor of the institute

Secretary: MSc Misza Kinsner

– PhD Eng. Marcin Barszcz
– PhD Michał Szlis
– MSc Monika Tomczyk

Team tasks

The tasks of the Animal Welfare Team are described in the Act. 25 of the Act. of January 2015 (Ustawy z dnia 15 stycznia 2015 roku) on protection of animal used for science or education purposes (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 266 with further amendments).

Description of the tasks of the animal welfare team:

  • gving advices on:
    – matters connected with animal welfare assurance;
    – finding a new animal care keeper, and their proper socialisation;
    – leading the wild animal rehabilitation before their restoring to natural habitat;
    – organized trainings/courses;
  • giving advices on using 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) principles and informing on technical and science achievements connected with the usage of these principles;
  • formulation and control on internal principles connected with animal care;
  • monitoring of animal sacrificing for organ or tissue obtaining, and easing the mutual share of organs or tissues between breeders, suppliers and users;
  • monitoring of welfare of animals kept in the unit or used for scientific or educational purposes;
  • reporting of cases of animal welfare infringement to the unit leader and defining the activities needed to restore the welfare;
  • controlling of experiments and the results of experiments, with the particular impact on the influence of these experiments on the animal used and the assessment of the conformity of experiments with the act of giving permission for such experiments and the 3R principle;
  • giving opinions and approving the motions for giving permission to perform an experiment before applying to the local ethical commission for experiments on animals;
  • Aforementioned tasks the Animal Welfare Team realizes with the cooperation of veterinarian working in the animal units.


The principles of animal using

In the Institute there are principles of animal using described by the animal welfare team. Among them are:

  • basic rules,
  • matters connected with obtaining and transporting of the animals,
  • principles of keeping the animals,
  • duties of veterinarian,
  • proceedings of sacrificing and utilisation of animals used in the experiment,
  • rules of making procedure documentation and animal record,
  • principles of using animals in KIAPAN PAS (Zasady postępowania ze zwierzętami w IFŻZ PAN)
  • purchase or acquire order for animals used in scientific procedures, (Zamówienie na zakup lub pozyskanie zwierząt do celów doświadczalnych)
  • principles of indicating people responsible for leading, performing and participating in procedures,
  • according to the legally binding Act of protection of animals used in scientific or educational purposes on 15 January 2015 (Journal of Laws, item 266 with further amendments),
  • people seeking Local Ethical Committee permission for performing studies on animals are obligated to receive from the Leader of the unit registered as a user (The Kielanowski Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition, Polish Academy of Sciences) the designation to play in the study the indicated function,
  • the document is issued by the personnel officer on interested person request, after the approval of the Director of the Institute,
  • specimens of application of indicating and specimens of documents required during the acceptance procedure of using animals for scientific or educational purposes are available on Ministry of Education and Science website:,
  • experiment, that can be performed without the agreement of Local Ethical Committee and which assumed studies on animals held in the KIAPAN PAS, should be accepted by the Director of the Institute.

Motions for designation

      – motion – planning person (wniosek-osoba planująca)
      – motion – planning person who is not a Institute worker (wniosek-osoba planująca nie będąca pracownikiem)
      – motion – participation person  (wniosek-osoba uczestnicząca)
      – motion – caring person (wniosek-osoba opiekująca)
      – motion – performer (wniosek-osoba wykonująca)
      – motion – performer who is not a Institute worker (wniosek-osoba wykonująca nie będąca pracownikiem)
      – motion – sacryfing person (wniosek-osoba uśmiercająca)

Training courses

Members of Animal Welfare team and indicated workers of the Institute, according to the Directive of Minister of Science and Higher Education on 5 May 2015 on the matter of training courses, traineeships and internships for people using animals for scientific or educational purposes (Journal of Laws 2015, item 628), are leading training courses for people:

  • responsible for planning procedures and experiments and their performance;
  • performing the procedures;
  • participating in performing procedures;
  • sacryfing animals used in the experiments;
  • taking care of animals kept in the unit;
  • responsible for supervision of people taking care of animals kept in the unit and the welfare of those animals.

Training courses are organised for new workers (if needed) and other people interested after the motion of the Director of the Institute or the Leader of Animal Welfare Team.

Person responsible for the training courses organisation is Jarosław Woliński, PhD, DSc, Institute professor.


Legals acts


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