Our mission is to be excellent and perfect
in interdisciplinary research on biological
and animal sciences and fishing with preservation of high quality standards and the popularization of the obtained results.

Strategic goals

1. Conducting basic and applicable high-quality scientific research.
2. Coherence of scientific research with the needs of national economy and society.
3. Building scientific potential by constant education and development of scientific staff.
4. Strengthening the significance and position of the Institute on the international arena
    via participation in national and international scientific projects.
5. Integration and optimization of the Institute infrastructure.
6. Popularization of the results of scientific research.

Realization of strategic goals

1. Investment in human assets, new and modern research technologies and national and international cooperation with universities, scientific
    institutions and associations in the scope of leading and organization of scientific research and development.
2. Improvement of internal organizational structure of the Institute resulting in optimization of department numbers and establishment of core
    facilities. Development of new research groups with scientific leaders.
3. Amplification of scientific subject matter and cooperation of research groups to gain the internal synergy resulting in improving the research quality.
4. Diversification of research financing ways via development of cooperation with public and private entities, particularly with medical society due to
Large Animal Models Laboratory and Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Tract Protective Barrier Analysis infrastructure.
5. Popularization of scientific achievements of the Institute and Polish Academy of Sciences, and increasing the repute of international scientific journal
    entitled Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences.

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