The ‘Science with the Palace in the Background’ festival

  • The planning and coordination of our Institute’s participation in this year’s Science Festival was handled by Patrycja Młotkowska, PhD, MSc Misha Kinsner and PhD Bartosz Jarosław Przybył.
  • As part of the 26th Science Festival, Paweł Kowalczyk, Ph.D., conducted seminars promoting knowledge of the role of livestock in bio-medicine and introduced the subject of oxidative stress and antioxidant defence mechanisms and antioxidant defence mechanisms of the organism.
  • Young researchers from our Institute: Misha Kinsner, M.Sc,
    vet. Dominika Szkopek, Monika Bobrowska, MSc, Ada Konopka, MSc and Kamil Gawin, MSc, conducted the classes on human and animal nutrition with great commitment. Primary school students took part in workshops and visited the laboratories and workshops of the Animal Nutrition Department at our Institute.

During this year’s ‘Science with the Palace in the Background’ Festival, academics from our Institute gave lectures on:
“Reactive oxygen species and the organism’s antioxidant defence”, by Paweł Kowalczyk, Ph.D., professor at the institute.
– “The role of livestock in biomedicine”, by Jarosław Woliński, Ph.D., professor at the institute.

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